Find Your Tribe and Thrive.

The acacia tree is a place where tribes gather to find shade in harsh desert conditions. It symbolizes perseverance, regeneration, and immortality of the human soul.

Like the acacia, our meeting place provides relief during difficult journeys where you can meet other warriors who are experiencing the same chronic conditions.

Meet Other People Who Have

Walked a Mile In Your Shoes.

Gain the wisdom, support, comfort, and connection of people who have been where you’ve been and understand the day-to-day reality of your situation.

Hope is on the way

Create Strong Bonds

of Unity

Facilitate healing in a way that can only be done alongside a band of empathetic warriors who fully understand and validate what you are going through. There is power in numbers with a tribe full of expertise that can help get you to the other side.

Authentic Conversations

& Deep Relationships

You don’t have to put your social media face on here. Member conversations are as raw as the conditions they’ve been dealt with.

There’s no pressure to post the perfect family photo from your latest vacation. We post post-mastectomy pictures and talk about the highs and the darkest lows of the journeys that we’re enduring.

It’s a place designed for free expression so members can get straight to the heart of the matter and initiate healing.

Acacia makes it easier

to find individuals just like you.

We provide you with the opportunity to join and create your own personalized support groups. But what sets Acacia apart is that we make it easy for you to find individual people who are experiencing similar conditions so you can engage in deeper one-on-one connections.

How It Works

Fill Out a Personalized


Answer in-depth questions so we can connect you with the best/closest matches.


Message members individually and join or create groups.

Get Updates Related to

Your Condition

Opt-in to receive the latest research and medical information regarding your condition.

A Safe Place to Heal

We protect members by ensuring that all conversations are confidential and only group members can access group posts.

We never sell information or let anyone take advantage of members with the solicitation of products or services.

Contact Us

Got questions? Let us know how we can help!